Show and Tell: Evidence, Erotics, and Embodiment in the Premodern World

Location:  Institute for Research in the Humanities, University Club Building, 432 East Campus Mall, Room 221

When researching the history of sexuality, or thinking about past desires, erotics, and intimacies, what counts as evidence? What methods are crucial for some fields, and forgotten by others? Four scholars share their thoughts on their own unique approaches to interweave erotics, intimacies, and intensities from the past, cobbling together fragments, tracing sensations in literature, unearthing unexpected archives. The roundtable explores how sexualities in the past can be both incomprehensibly foreign and strangely familiar.

This Roundtable is sponsored by the Institute for Research in the Humanities and the Center for Early Modern Studies.

A light lunch/refreshments will be served; RSVP and questions may be directed to Jennifer Row (

Tina Chronopoulos (SUNY-Binghamton, Classics / Solmsen IRH fellow)
Ari Friedlander (University of Mississippi, English)
Dana Oswald (UW-Parkside, English/ IRH System Fellow)
Jennifer Row (Boston University, French/ Solmsen IRH fellow)


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