Desiring History, Historicizing Desire

Location:  Institute for Research in the Humanities, University Club Building, 432 East Campus Mall, Room 221

Ari Friedlander, assistant professor of English (University of Mississippi) and editor of the Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies (JEMCS) special issue “Desiring History and Historicizing Desire” will lead a special seminar for any interested graduate students. The JEMCS special issue takes up the question of historicist and queer critical methodologies, and brings to the fore cutting-edge debates both in queer theory and in early modern studies. Prof. Friedlander will also discuss the publication process with students (curating a special issue, editing, etc.) Refreshments will be served.

Seminar participants should read the following:

1.The JEMCSspecial issue “Desiring History and Historicizing Desire” (especially the introduction and the roundtable discussion)

“Queering History,” Jonathan Goldberg and Madhavi Menon. PMLA Vol. 120 No. 5 (Oct. 2005)

“The New Unhistoricism in Queer Studies” Valerie Traub PMLA Vol. 128, No. 1 (Jan 2013)

For questions, please e-mail Jennifer Row ( with any questions, Solmsen Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2016-2017), Boston University, Assistant Professor of French

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