CEMS Director, 2016-2017

Associate Professor
838 Van Hise Hall

Sabine Mödersheim is Associate Professor of German Literature and Culture in the German Department; Dr. phil. (German and Philosophy, Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, 1992); she held teaching positions at the Universität Freiburg/Germany and McGill University, Montreal/ Canada.Her research interest are in the areas of German literature and culture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in particular the German and European emblem traditionHer books include “Domini Doctrina Coronat. Die geistlichen Emblembücher Daniel Cramers” (Mikrokosmos; 1994) and facsimile editions of emblem books by Daniel Cramer (Emblematisches Cabinet; 1994) and Hieronymus Ammon (Imago Figurata Editions; 1999). She serves on the Executive Committee of the International Society for Emblem Studies. She is editor of the Society for Emblem Studies Newsletter and organizes the Emblem Studies sessions at the Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo. She serves on the advisory board of Emblematica and on the editorial board of Monatshefte für deutschsprachige Literatur und Kultur. She is currently working on a study of the global reception of Johann Gossner’s “Heart of Man” (1812).

She is a Humboldt Foundation Alumna and hosted several Humboldtkollegs: “
Außenraum – Mitraum – Innenraum. Heterotopien in Kultur und Gesellschaft” in September 2009, “1950.1960. Kulturen im Wiederaufbau” in November 2010 (in honor of Jost Hermand), and “Deutsche Geheimgesellschaften” with Jost Hermand in 2012.