GEMSS Roundtable: “Conflicts, Contests and Confrontations in the Early Modern World”

Location: Helen C. White Hall, Room 6191.

The first official GEMSS Roundtable of early modern faculty and graduate students to discuss, “Conflicts, Contests and Confrontations in the Early Modern World.”  Presentations will be  8-10 minutes in length and followed by a discussion among panelists and audience members.

The early modern period is a time of many changes, as knowledge was rediscovered, cultures met for the first time, and beliefs clashed. The massive social and intellectual changes that occurred during this time formed the foundation for many modern societies today, but the process was not without tension. What conflicts are important in your research of the early modern period? Are they actual military conflicts, battles of wit between scholars, or clashes of cultures? Perhaps you have to navigate clashes and power-struggles instigated by more modern interpretations of your primary sources? 

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