Nandini Pandey

Position title: Associate Professor of Classics


Languages: English, Latin.

Research Interests: Latin poetry, early imperial art and political power.

Education: Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley.

Departments: Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies (departmental profile here)

Dr. Pandey’s research focuses on Latin poetry in its complex relationship with early imperial art and political power. Her current book project, Inventing Augustus: The Poetics of Power in Early Imperial Rome, explores how Vergil, Horace, and the elegists, especially Ovid, responded to Augustan iconography in ways that shaped its perception in subsequent culture. She has recently published an article on the semiotic evolution of the Julian star (TAPA, Fall 2013) and has forthcoming articles on Vergil and the Forum Augustum (Vergilius, Fall 2014) and the dilemma in Lucan’s Pharsalia (ICS, Fall 2014). Dr. Pandey came to Classics via her love of English literature and pursued second degrees in English at Oxford and Cambridge. She plans to return to this subject while maintaining her interest in genre, reception, and intertextuality with her next project, an examination of female revenge figures within Greek, Roman, and Renaissance English drama.