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Faculty Affiliates

Shira Brisman

Languages: English, German.

Research Interests: Northern European art 1450-1850, print culture, history of science and technology, reformations of religion, art history’s relationship to language, literature, and primary source texts, communication and exchange.

Education: Ph.D. Yale University; M.A. Yale University; B.A. Yale University.

Karen Britland

Languages: English.

Research Interests: Shakespeare, early modern drama and performance, print and manuscript culture, women’s writing, the English Revolution, Anglo-Continental exchange.

Education: Ph.D. University of LeedsM.A. University of Reading; B.A. University of Oxford.

Thomas H. Broman

Languages: English, German.

Research Interests: Science and medicine in the Enlightenment; the role of science in the public sphere; 18th-century German intellectual and cultural history.

Education: Ph.D. Princeton University; M.A. Princeton University; M.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; A.B. Ripon College.

Stefania Buccini

Languages: Italian, English.

Research Interests: 17th, 18th, and early 19th-century Italian literature and culture, Baroque novel and poetry, Counter-reform sacred oratory, libertine fiction and ideology, antique printed editions and early modern manuscripts.

Education: Ph.D., Italian, Brown University.

Departments: Department of French and Italian (departmental profile here).

Joshua Calhoun

Languages: English.

Research Interests: Renaissance Lyric Poetry, Renaissance Drama, Poetics, Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, Gascoigne, Media, the history of reading, the natural history of texts, papermaking, historical formalism, miscellanies and anthologies, paleography, the Atlantic world.

Departments: Department of English (departmental profile here).

Lisa H. Cooper

Languages: English.

Research Interests: Medieval literature, especially twelfth-to-fifteenth-century English and French romance, the poetry of Chaucer, his contemporaries, and successors' English cycle drama, Latin and vernacular historiography, English and European travel narrative, medieval material culture (especially the intertwined history of labor, technology, and commerce), the formation of urban identity, lexicography, and the history of the book.

Stephanie Elsky

Languages: English.

Research Interests: Renaissance poetry and prose, law and literature, Shakespeare, poetics, reception of classical antiquity, history of the material text, early modern women writers, colonialism.

Education: Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania; M.A. University of Pennsylvania; B.A. Columbia University.

Departments: Department of English (departmental profile here).